Why Choose A Montessori Bed?

Shaped by the singular perception that parenting is modeling; it may be difficult to attain good parenting without shaping your ideology around modeling. Parenting became more fulfilling for me when I came across an article on Montessori Method and realised that raising an infancy toddler is way beyond changing diapers at the appropriate time and breastfeeding when due; there are a lot of perks attached to modelling as a parent.


I often thought of outward appearances of toddlers and pay reasonably calculated attention to it, which is by all standard very right. In fact, your baby is a reflection of you; so paying detailed attention to your baby’s appearance is very essential for parents. And of course, contemporary culture has made it a culture to create an Instagram account for infancy toddlers who cannot yet wrap their little brains around their existence.

Everyone wants to post cute pictures of their toddlers so the world can applaud their parenting obligations. We all do it and we won’t stop.
This is not in the least bit to disregard this apparent growing culture of social parenting gimmicks; it’s all a part of living abundantly and making life interesting.

However, I soon realised there is a need to applaud what I often do not applaud; “Where our toddlers lay”. Science proves that the quality of sleep gives growing bodies the rest they need to grow well. So I asked myself, why do I worry so much about how cute my toddler looks and not necessarily worry about how well he sleeps, where he sleeps, the type of bed he sleeps in and the benefits that go along with sleeping where he sleeps?

Another growing aspect of parenting culture is the proactive intentionality that goes into preparing for the baby. I was also caught up in going to the extent of remodelling my coming baby’s nursery room to suit my taste. While doing this, I didn’t pay attention to my coming baby’s bed; I modeled my baby’s bed by my own standard. I thought of a fairly raised bed platform that looks like a cage; which is supposed to protect toddlers from falling off while they sleep and not didn't give any thoughts to the Montessori floor bed and how easily accessible and comfortable they are.

For years, the raised types of beds have been the standard and they still score this remarkable privilege.
A raised crib bed

Montessori Floor Bed 

The idea of a floor bed follows the principle of Montessori which implies everything in a toddler's room should be within the child’s reach, and on the child’s level since it is their room. This includes all furniture, toys, clothing, books, and artwork. 

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You might want to call the Montessori Bed  'ease of access' because that is what it is. I asked myself this question, “Why do I enjoy sleeping on my bed?” (you should ask yourself the same question). Presumably, it is for several reasons one of which is because of the ease of access. The platform allows you to crawl into your bed so easily that you barely notice your bed is somewhat raised. This is so because the platform fits your growth level.

Imagine you having to mount a pedestal before lying in your bed; wouldn't that be grossly uncomfortable? Now think of your toddler without you. Think of the gymnastic it’d take a crawling toddler to mount the bed; you get the picture? This is why Montessori Floor Bed is called ease of access.

Montessori Bed provides your toddler the ease to crawl into whenever they need a break just like you fall into your king sized bed whenever you need a break. A Montessori bedroom style is a place that makes your toddler feel like they have everything within their reach and everything is at their level.

Why Choose a Montessori Floor Bed?

  • Free Movement. It has been made known that parenting is modeling and one of the core values of life that should be learned from childhood is freedom. You have to train your toddlers to have a sense of freedom from the very beginning of their lives. A Montessori children’s floor bed allows you to model this value because it doesn’t confine your toddlers in a box that makes them feel like they are caged. It allows them to easily crawl around and reach for things at their early stage of life, which later transcends to how they approach life in subsequent phases of life.

  • Independence. How about that sense of independence as they advance in age? Your kids don’t have to depend on you to reach for the picture album they want look through across the table or the toy car they want to play with; a Montessori floor bed gives them the independence to reach for whatever they want themselves without necessarily having you around. This also helps them build independence from a tender age; which will later come to play a significant role in their lives.

  • Empowerment. Montessori Toddler Beds empowers your kids. Choosing a Montessori bed for your kids is pretty much like giving them the power to make decisions for themselves in spite of their age. Have you ever wondered why kids fantasise a lot about superheroes? It’s because they are being thrilled by what they see and they can relate to it.

  • Helps children settle down and sleep fairly quickly. Do you want less cry during bed time? Parents through comments left on some forums have reported an improvement in getting their toddlers to sleep in their room/ bed at night with the Montessori bed and I can attest to that. I believe one of the reasons why toddlers cry a lot at bedtime is because of the confinement. Humans are naturally wired to live free and not boxed in a space. 

  • Strength and Endurance. Another thing Montessori lifestyle does is to give your growing toddlers strength and endurance. The freedom to move around helps develop these values naturally and it goes a long way in their development. The tenacity you want to build in them starts from childhood and fortunately, choosing a Montessori bed is one of the steps towards that.

    For more information and knowledge on transitioning to the Montessori life, you can check here also here.

    Transitioning to Montessori Floor Bed

    The greatest fear of every parent is seeing their toddlers bruised or injured; so they naturally think that having their toddlers sleep in a well raised and caged bed is the best way to avert their fears. This by all standards is good parenting and no parent should disregard the vulnerabilities that come with raising toddlers.


    With all that has been said about why you should choose a Montessori bed, it is obvious that your caring heart is considering transitioning and wondering how easy it’d be to achieve that. It isn’t remotely difficult; at least not as difficult as you might think it is. It is pretty much like learning how to drive or learning how to play a guitar; as you proceed, the easier it gets.

    Firstly, you should know that transitioning to Montessori bed means that your new approach has to be cooler than the former. What does this mean? Your toddlers are probably used to their old bed that any other thing feels weird to them; so to make them welcome a change, you have to ensure you don’t just go for a regular floor bed; you should go for floor beds that are toddler friendly.

    Picture of a Toddler Floor Bed


    Montessori beds make crawling easy for your toddler, however, you have to be sure that the room is cleared off of sharp objects they are vulnerable to. The goal of transitioning is to provide them comfort and safety; you have to be careful not to jeopardise your positive intentions. Look around and be sure there are no harmful objects in the room.

      Sleeping sacks are good but they can restrict a toddler’s movement. I would be careful about using sleeping sacks and floor mattress.

        What about a baby monitor? It is not enough to keep the room safe and clean; don’t forget that your toddlers are still very impulsive and often times they are totally unpredictable. So it is essential for you to use a baby monitor for the sake of ensuring profound safety.

        This post is based on personal experience and some research and speaking to people. The ultimate decision on the type of bed you want for your toddler lies with you.

        Don’t be pressured to model your toddlers room by standards you see somewhere. You have the express liberty to decide what works for you and what doesn’t; after all, it is all about you and your toddler. So if a certain arrangement doesn’t work for you or you feel within yourself that it is not very safe for your toddler, you should discard it.

        You can find more transitioning guides on www.howwemontessori.com/  www.brunamasalin.com/ www.clockworkrise.com

        Don’t forget modeling is parenting; so do what you have to do however you want to do it!